Cosmic Kaleidoscope - The Codes of Life

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Cosmic Kaleidoscope - The Codes of Life

Post by Lana » Sat Oct 25, 2014 5:03

Irinushka wrote:Кто-то подсказывает выражение «Китеж-град»… ... 0%B5%D0%B6

This little hint, lightly thrown by Irina, invited me into Kitezh, as if I have finally found my way to the secret lake of Light that has been hiding the invisible city of glorious Cathedrals, charming bells, and celestial singing. I've been joyfully bathing in light, sound, and vibes for a few days with a realization to open this topic. Irina’s English forum seems to be an abandoned place, or a better way of saying it, a place, reserved for future possibilities that will sure come. Meanwhile, may we begin to awaken this place? In fact, I don’t really know how to begin to express my offering yet. Probably, introducing an “origin” of it.

English is an easier language for me to express myself in writing – not as deep, fancy and descriptive as Russian but “to-the-point”, simple and essential like Japanese haiku, putting into three rows the wider meaning.Transmissions come to me in English. Transformation and realizations come to me through two channels – Irina’s as an assistance from “the above” field to align to what I cannot sense yet or not able to do it myself otherwise; and the modern transmission of Chinese book of Change I-Ching (how it was used originally as a transformation guide into enlightenment), named Gene Keys – the inner work from “the bellow” – this is my own personal efforts put towards helping higher frequencies to find their way to me. As this path has been unfolding, the understanding comes that it was a “pre-determined” path as a part of my nature. As Irinushka was a translator and now does “the same” kind of work of a different quality, I was a computer programmer in my “previous” life and now can sense and attune into the field of the same 64 binary code – the coded language the universe uses to create life in fractals, though never repeating itself - a paradox of life. Actually, a few years ago I received an initiation to work with these keys – the codes of life - when I had a sudden and spontaneous “out of body” experience. Taking advantage of this state of consciousness, I asked to meet my higher guides. The radiant light being (too radiant to see the “face”), that appeared in front of me, was holding the golden key in his hands. When I asked him to give me that key and put it inside of my “chest”, the thought crossed my “mind” that I had a key now but did not know the door to be opened with this key yet. Many doors have opened since and, as Irina states, all doors are open now.

No worries, I’m not going to bother you with the whole history of I-Ching and Gene Keys or my personal experience with them. The only relevant thing to mention - they relate to our DNA and life as it formed using the 64 codes. The universe, filled with light, sound, energy, and consciousness, is constantly changing as waves in the ocean of existence. At any given moment, we can make a snapshot of the picture of this living field of existence. This is a portal, a gate through which consciousness expresses itself, creating the form. Our bodies are literally sacred geometry forms that assimilate, consume, transform, and produce energy and life, behind the form is vast consciousness. As it was believed before, our genetic decides our body shape, and the environment. It was an “old days” belief because we lived in the world of “fixed forms”, instant snapshots, particles rather than waves. What I’m saying is it depends on the spectrum of frequencies (consciousness) we operate within how our DNA will transmute light and create life. Our DNA is a two-way conductor of the light - can be changed and is able to change.

On a practical note, what is it really about? It’s about observing life and see it from a different perspective. Observing life through the eyes of a particular code gives a more focused view as if you go through a particular gate to enter the field of infinity. Each code is like a chamber that you begin to explore, going from “a low expression to higher”. The low – it’s our material, physical that is right under our nose and therefor easy to see. But if we only see A, only see B, we stay in the average world of fixed forms. When I contemplate on a particular code, and observe my environment, the third element is always there, I begin to see “&” in the combination A & B. This & - is an element of the transformation that transmute A and B into something else and will lead to even higher states of *****. This is a very intimate and deep experience with myself, expressed as an overflow of constant heightened realizations.

Recently I found out that in Egypt pyramids and almost all ancient sites like Maya’s, there were rooms where higher priests used to stay for silent meditations. The chambers had names – the chamber of wisdom, knowledge, love, compassion, etc. Our genes are portals to enter those cosmic universal chambers. Each Gene Key is like a living cosmic library that holds a particular quality of universal consciousness and an aspect of life. Out physical materiality is a portal to higher frequencies and our body is a portal into higher states of being.This you know from Irina, of course. But to me, it relates to the Kitezh city, I began with. Each code is like Cathedral, filled with a particular essence of life. All together is the city of light.

I’d like to introduce you to the codes beginning with two that relate to Irina not to pay tribute to her (or maybe) but because I was contemplating these Gene Keys and she brought up a message about Kitezh-grad as if inviting it to occur. And those codes are very special. I must say that we have all of the Gene Keys in our DNA but we resonate specifically to particular ones depending on our physical makeup. Even a higher expression of our consciousness is painted through our make-up – consciousness, which speaks through us, using the language drawn from a particular chamber of the universal library.

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Re: Cosmic Kaleidoscope - The Codes of Life

Post by Lana » Sat Oct 25, 2014 8:07

12 GK – three spectrums of consciousness: Vanity- Discrimination – Purity
Irinushka wrote:
мою приоткрытую посудомоечную машину, внутри нее чистые тарелки, еще не вынутые, и вот на одной тарелке проступает красное пятно… пятно крови…, и я с абсолютной уверенностью знаю, чья эта кровь, и как она образовалась…
Ну и дальше у меня возник, естественно сгенерировался такой порыв… освободить, избавить EG от этой пригвожденности… освободить его клеточки и энергопроводимые волокна, его чувственность, условные единицы его тела - телесности от этой жесткой театральной пригвожденности статично-допотопными настройками разума, статично-заскорузлыми и закоренелыми представлениями о том, что (якобы) было.
In relationship between universal intelligence and genetics, each gene key has a corresponding chemical family, a “codon” in the genetic code. To translate the code, there should be found special codons – genetic markers that begin and end the code – start and stop codons. Three Gene Keys (12, 33, 56) are related to “stop” codons, “terminator” codons. Talking a universal language, these three stop codons, known as a collective Codon Ring of Trails take each human being through a mythic trial to test on the journey to self-realization. The 12 GK is special in a way that it forms the ring of its own within the Ring of Trails – it’s a Ring of Secrets.

Why the secret? Because this quality is so deeply hidden in our being that it’s not possible to unlock this code, to “get rid of it” until we activate the highest frequencies of it – the purity of the heart.

So the final test we all go through – our vanity. Remember the Russian “Fire, Water, and Brass Fanfare”? (Огонь, вода, и медные трубы). And vanity is really a low expression of love of your own uniqueness. It’s about learning to love yourself. And vanity only stops to be vanity with the final realization that to love yourself is actually to love everyone because every things and everyone else is an expression of you. It takes a quantum leap to get there because you must leap out of your “self”. “Knowing self” is vanity, when “Feeling Self” is love. It’s about “falling in love”. First, you are falling in love with your own uniqueness, then you are falling in love with things that makes you feel good outside of yourself.

The difference? You can imagine those “experts of Arts” / ценителей искусства, who admire fine arts, collect master pieces, and have a vast knowledge but you can feel their heart is not there. The heart is not “touched” and they don’t touch anybody’s heart. But people with a strongly activated 12GK learn to be moved and motivated by feelings and emotions. And above all, they learn how to communicate the deepest waves and feelings of the soul. This is a true heart rather than human emotional heart. It’s a portal to penetrate into higher frequencies, communicate directly and bring transformation through the word and language. The messages they bring though are the messages from the future. As Irina says “на вырост” – to grow into. It’s the purest expression for you to discover yet. This is the gift of discrimination – to recognize what things are healthy for you to become “pure”, authentic. They recognize ”dirty” spots on the “purity” of the soul and help transmute it through their words. The hidden agenda makes them feel discomfort. As it has been said about love, expressed through this portal, if you don’t fall in love with something, you cannot trust it either. Purity is not cleanness, it’s about authenticity no matter how messy it might look.

12 GK is all about discovering love through feelings, breathing, language, music, arts – this is the transformational field that transcends lower human emotions and be able to touch higher planes. So even though it’s about the things you create and use in the outside world, it’s not about those things. It’s not actually the language you use but the frequencies behind the language. It’s not what you say, but how you say it. It’s not about the expressions of the things but the consciousness that orchestrates everything behind the stage. 12 portal contains the great teachings of transformation and death. It teaches us that life is all about transformation, and the death is the movement from one stage of consciousness into another. This portal is a passage from one state into a higher state in which the stop codon kills your identification with the past from the previous stage, taking you into the transformed and radically different.

I’m writing it to you not to look at it saying it’s like this and that. The Gene Key is an aspect of life that has some qualities. But it’s not knowledge that you need (especially if it’s “my knowledge”), I’d like to encourage you to begin to see life and have your own experience and revelations. For instance, you can take an aspect of vanity, if it resonates with you, and “play” with it. And what is vanity? Your desire to be better and purer. This very urge already can be treated with respect. What else is essential? – Falling in love. Look at the things around and feel what invokes this feeling of “falling in love” and become a discriminator of food, music, people, and things. It’s just an example how to play with it. Another thing to remember. It’s all about artistry, so experiment and turn into art your desire for higher expression of your uniqueness.
To be continued…
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Re: Cosmic Kaleidoscope - The Codes of Life

Post by Lana » Sat Oct 25, 2014 21:39

A low spectrum and high spectrum of consciousness are mirrors of each other and can “teach” each other. Vanity and Purity relate to each other the way as “a spoon of tar spoils the barrel of honey” and “a piece of sugar sweetens the cup of tea.” So Vanity has a quality to hide even when we reach the higher states of our awareness. Especially with people who’re done “a great work on themselves.” Because the moment you think that you’re pure enough or see the world that “needs improvement”, your purity is gone. The 12 code has an elitist position – doesn’t go with the mainstream. It’s truly a “secret agent”. However it keeps us separated from life if we feel that what we’d say would not be understood by others, when we retreat into silence, when we feel that we are somehow different from others.
Irinushka wrote: Звенит высокая тоска,
Необъяснимая словами.
Я не один пока я с вами:
Деревья, птицы, облака
The path to purity is like climbing the ladder up to the top when we learn about our uniqueness and love for self, which, in a way, distances us from the world. Then we’re going down, back to life. So it’s better not to think about vanity at all. At some point when we reach frequencies high enough that vanity will release its hold on us and we fall in love again with the world beyond human emotions and desires but in a very sensational way, driven by the purity of our nature. What you’re falling in love is your true nature and you do fall into it because it resides deep within you and whatever you see in the world is all you.

In our biology, this code is connected to the throat and Thyroid gland (Щитовидная железа) – the shield. Can you see the connection to “the secret codon”? What does it shield? – The voice of our true nature, the purity of our heart. It’s like this shield splits us apart – when the head is minding its own business and the lower body is moved by emotions and pleasures or pain. Only when we give up all our “knowledge” and mental resistance, undergoing a mystical death of our identification (whether with our lower self or higher self, it’s still an identification), the higher frequencies can reach the thyroid gland where the purification of our lower emotional nature gets transformed and the higher state dawns on us. The image of a mermaid from Disney movie came to me, when the shell that held her voice got broken and her voice got released. The pure sound, the tone of her voice returned to her and she sang this sound loudly with such longing. Can you hear the sound of your soul, your heart? The moment you were born somewhere in the universe as a ray of universal love, it sang the crystal pure sound. It may be a sad sound of longing “who am I?” or may be a joyful sound “I exist”, or even a laud silence in awe “how beautiful”. And this ray of the radiance goes down into the density to fall in love with life remaining pure but shielded from remembering its pure voice.

Thyroid also controls our metabolism and effects our moods, energy level and breathing patterns. That’s why when we cry or laugh, we enter the realm of transformation, purifying our nature and allowing higher transmission to alter our chemistry.

If you wish to play with this code. You can play with the word “purity” or any other word that Irina throws to us because these words are doorways into realms of higher frequencies. But it should not be a mechanical repetition, you should love the word, it has to ring in your heart with the resonance, you have to feel the essence, the word carries along. It means you heart is ready to unlock some quality through this word. To me Russian “чистота”, “первозданность” such words. Or maybe some images come to you associated with the essence of the purity. The first fresh snow, the morning breeze, morning dew, the smell of frozen linen hanging outside in the winter, a melted snow streaming down the hill joyfully flickering with silver light, wedding waltz, a poetry of Pushkin, the joy of recognition that now we’re given a chance to know our true nature unshielded, perhaps mixed with a bit of sadness that it was not possible before.

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Re: Cosmic Kaleidoscope - The Codes of Life

Post by Lana » Sun Oct 26, 2014 23:52

The programming partner of the code of 12 is the 11 Gene Key which means that if the one gets activated another one gets activated also on higher frequencies and they program each other on the low frequencies. Also if they strongly present in your genetic makeup, they can come as “heaven-earth” – one is given to you to play it in life (heaven), another one is your growth and evolution (earth) – something that comes with challenges as Earth itself is a challenging place to exist.
Irinushka wrote:… и вот стояли мы в неподвижности 3 с половиной часа в чистом поле близ Турина… мой вагон номер 11, на самом деле первый, сразу за локомотивом, при этом оставался единственным освещенным (остальные оказались в темноте).
11 life code of Obscurity – Idealism – Light

Honestly, this code is a tough one for me to crack open. So I have no much to say about it, except that I could see how it’s expressed within the low spectrum of frequencies which is actually our 3D reality of flat templates. But it will open the whole new world for us because it belongs to chemical grouping as a Ring of Light that contains genes responsible for how the body captures, stores, and transmits the light.

Also…Having an exact position in relationship to the cosmos, every Gene Key filters the cosmic stream as it enters our planetary system. It’s 11 Gene Key that is geometrically related to the galactic core itself. It from here, through this portal when earth got into an alignment with the galactic core (2012), the stream of light reached our planet, triggering our DNA, and began releasing our inner light. Especially, this forum is a portal that connects us directly to that process, through Irina as she has strong activations of these two codes in her biology and creates the field, catalyzing the states of higher consciousness in people who are ready for this event.
Irinushka wrote:Трезво… наверное, в первую очередь, это предполагает не причислять себя априори ни к чему, ни к каким нынешним данностям и нужностям и земно-закреплениям и земно-заполненностям, которые в свою очередь зависят от того, как заданы режимы энергопотребления.

У меня это ощущается как эдакое не то чтобы безразличие и не то чтобы дополнительное охладевание (к нынешнему «покрою» жизни), а как… ощущение себя эдаким сверхсоединительным субъекто-причиндалом, который пока еще вынужден использовать ныне принятую в употреблении систему образов…

In 3D world, this code makes humans victims of their beliefs and images, created through the filter of this code that is like an interface between the light and the human mind. Our whole experience of the world is built through the medium of this portal and therefore represents the field of illusions and obscurity within the very narrow band of light waves most humans live. The restricted functioning of the brain is greatly limited by the limited functioning of the right hemisphere that can grasp reality through interconnectedness, receptivity, literal thinking and intuition. On the low side, the images that flood the mind are frightening to the logical mind that cannot control them – it begins to filter the images according to what it wants to see creating the field of fears as a base and lost dreams and unrealized fantasies as a background. It programs the reality as fixed images, then 12 GK steps in and translates this images into inner language – this is a neuro-linguistic reality that is projected into the world and in the center of this world is separate SELF.
Andrew wrote:From my Twitter profile:


What is good to remember always – this is COLLECTIVE images from our collective field. It’s never about you. The way out is – to trust our inner images that come to us in our dreams and allow them to become our imagination. Then one day, a new reality will be introduced to you that are at odds with the rest of the world. The more you play with images and creative power that comes from the right hemisphere the healthier your world becomes.

Maybe one more thing to mention… For mentally unprepared mind and spiritually immature person, the flood of images that will come, can be challenging and overwhelming, because 11 gene is a store house of ancestral memories in the form of images. It’s a floodgate of all archetypes of our planetary history, think of all folklore tails, legends, religious or otherwise imagery. It can be too much. So it’s important to remember that all images and ideas that come to your mind is not you, you don’t identify yourself with them, including your own image about your identity, roles, tasks, looks. They are symbols universe talks to you, and it’s a projection of your psyche.

There is much misconception about the nature of the light. The promise to find light up there confuses many people. In fact, the higher frequencies coming through this gate takes you right to the darkest aspects of your psyche to dismantle your false reality based on obscurity. The light is never up there but resides deep within matter itself. The feminine aspect of our nature is deep and, yes, dark, - water under water we have to dive into. Therefore we have to feel what we feel each given moment without putting labels “good” – “bad”, “like-dislike”. The light is not about finding “goodness” but about transcending duality. That’s why people with this code activated can be perceived as “idealists” because they have this dream of “Garden of Eden” alive in their blood, but most important they can SEE how to bring it back into the world, sometimes leading us right into our "darkness" as the whole world found itself today.
Irinushka wrote:Наблюдать непредвзято – это, вероятно, сейчас главное сверх соединительное действие. И главное самонахождение…

Скажи мне, как и за чем/кем и чем (каким исходно-наблюдательным местом себя) ты наблюдаешь, какой у тебя в наличии наблюдательский порядок и статус, и я скажу… кто ты? Нет, «кто ты» это вряд ли, но тем не менее весьма показательно…

The formula to the light: “ALLOW, ACCEPT, EMBRACE”. When you allow, you just observe and see what is, the resistance that we usually put upfront doesn't block the process. Then at one “happy” moment the realization comes “AHA moment of understanding”, this is an element of “&” (A & B) - transmission of light begins its work, you begin to accept. In a while, the light that was locked inside gets released and love emerges into the body – you are able to embrace the duality because you are out of it.

The above formula equals to AWARENESS. COMPASSION. TRANSMUTATION. Awareness springs the whole process of transmutation with the help of heaven – the light that is pouring through the 11 portal.

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Re: Cosmic Kaleidoscope - The Codes of Life

Post by Lana » Mon Oct 27, 2014 3:13

62 gene Key represents The language of Light
in three spectrums of consciousness: Intellect - Precision – Impeccability

In the entire sequence of Book of Change, that represents the book of life, the 62 code stands along as the index of the book. This code contains layers and layers of coded information about the cosmos; it contains the secret of the Gene Keys themselves – the meaning of it, and what they are for. It teaches us about the holographic nature of creation and cosmology through the language of light. As soon as you learn this language, you begin to see the fractal nature repeating itself everywhere in life. It’s seemingly complex, yet elegantly simple. This code is activated in my makeup and it led me into this transmission. I was drawing to the beauty and elegance of the 64-bit principle of creation since I remember myself – it’s everywhere – in music, art, mathematics, genetic. It contains only two bits – “yes” or “no” combined into six lines. The principle of quantum physic – everything appears and disappears next moment. Everything exists and doesn't at the same time. But possibilities of creation are infinite. Only 64 codes but holds mysteries upon mysteries of the universe and life. It’s impossible to understand or know this information or reveal those mysteries into the light. The more you “know” the less you understand. What this “knowledge” gives you though is it puts you into the state of awe more and more. Intellect therefore is low frequencies of the expression of this universal knowledge, because it will prevent from grasping the very essence of life and creation.

But your inner intelligence that will open up through this code will reveal you the fact that your “knowingness” somehow is universal and belongs to “your truth” (the programming partner of this gene keys is 61 GK – inner truth), yet belongs to infinite truth. But this truth and “knowledge” don’t fill you up with knowledge as usually mind does, it dissolves you into infinity. Scientist don’t understand yet that when we get to “know” the universe, how it works, we won’t “resolve” the universe as they hope, we dissolve the universe. The same truth you will know about your true nature – the more you will “know” yourself as an authentic infinite being the less you care about knowing yourself – how and what - to “resolve” your “issues” – but it will put you into the state of “awe” with life, with yourself. And that is the meaning of the word “impeccability”, it doesn't mean to be “sinless” or have high standards moralistic behaviors, somehow “holly”, it simply means that nothing can “underpin” you. It’s like to be so transparent so any punch from someone or life just goes right through you with no resistance and reaction – you are there and you are not. What will shine is your natural intelligence – stunning and vibrant. The great example we can find in children when they speak such truth and wisdom that dumbfounds adults. The expression of “Устами младенца глаголет истина – Out of the mouths of babes comes the truth.” - The essence of this Gene Key.

So how to unlock it?
Irinushka wrote:Возвращаясь к разговору о том, чтобы перестать чрезмерно доверять собственной текущей системе разума в пользу иной системы разумения и осознания. Можно представить это как нашу реальную динамику понимания и ориентирования на местности, которая далеко не всегда совпадает с изложением и инструкциями навигатора… например, он может иметь устаревшие данные или ошибки программирования, или предложить нам дорогу, которая в реальном времени закрыта на рыночный день…
First – do not rely on your mental intellect. Do not try to figure out life and yourself, this you probably already know.
Second. This code is related to the logical principle of life but it doesn't relate to a masculine side and left brain, though might be more appealing to men. It doesn't relate to the processing of the mind. It relates to the language expressed in the logical elegant way. So softening and be more receptive and putting the masculine principle in approaching life at the background and let the feminine principle run the show will help unlock your inner intelligence. For instance, when you see the tree, the intellect knows it’s a tree, but intelligence knows deeper than that – it senses the essence of the tree. As I said before, I used to be a computer programmer but my approach was different. I would take an assignment, looked at facts and details that needed to be done and would leave it for a few days without touching them but the process would be going somewhere at the background of my mind. In a few days I would write the program at "one breath” as if it downloaded into me. Almost always it ran with no error. This was a mystery even to me. This is a beauty at work of this 62 code as I understand it now. You let the process shape itself.
Irinushka wrote:Стараться быть собой (собой как Полем, своей специфической и уникальной энергопередаваемостью, своей манерой двигаться и пользоваться даром речи...), ничего при этом жестко не афишируя…
62 Gene Key is forming The Ring of No Return, through which a higher consciousness uses your voice to transmit its truth. This code relates to thyroid gland and the throat and the process of initiation begins when higher frequencies can reach your throat (when your mind gives up its resistance) as was mentioned before. But to truly activate this code you MUST find your own unique and privet language that speaks your truth. When at certain stage in your journey to self-realization you feel the call from this inner language that is birthing within you, you must begin to speak it. It might be frightening at first to speak higher frequencies but once began the process has no return. At some point, you will feel to be taken over your higher self and you begin the process detaching from your identity. It’s a two-way road. The process transforms you, and your spoken words spreads transmission of your awakening to others. You won’t be afraid to use your words that might “offend” others who still protect themselves. The spoken language that born through this code is precise and more “logically structured”.

You can actually see the difference between Irina’s inner language that is formed through the medium of the abstract field of images (11 GK) finding an outlet in her very individual expression through 12 Gene Key that targets others individually – it means you can get it or not, in both cases it transforms you on the individual level.
And my writing description that comes from my individual realization of inner truth (61 GK) that expresses through the logical voice of the 62 GK (you definitely can feel the flavor of the logically laid structure between words) that targets the collective field of transformation – many people can relate to this kind of description.
So this is an example of uniqueness of the inner voice – it will come to you but you must speak it with no doubts because these words will be spoken from the heart – your deep inner intelligence - rather than confused mind that is trying to figure out, unsettled emotions, and learned "knowledge".

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Re: Cosmic Kaleidoscope - The Codes of Life

Post by Lana » Wed Oct 29, 2014 23:04

Since I began this topic, the floodgate has opened inside of me and understanding that was previously hidden from me, has begun unpacking. By the mercy of grace, I was called from work to take a day off and in the morning I knew that I needed this day because the night was intense and the morning was spent in “unzipping” the information. And surprise…it’s coming from EG (in my way of course).

The 4 Gene Key – the code of Intolerance-Understanding-Forgiveness

There is no need to focus too much on the low expression of this code here. We, people who read this forum have far passed the stage of our personal emotional opinions. It’s quiet here on the forum, demonstrating our preferences now to tune in to the quiet inner guidance within. But the general emotional state of humanity is still chaotic and unstable, caused by programming with low frequencies of intolerance, rooted in the mind’s habit to react with human emotions because of the programming partner of 49 GK – Reaction at its low expression. The gift of the human logical mind to read and solve logical patterns, and understand the universal rhythmic patterns of all life turns into violence, and confrontations against one social group to another when it becomes subjective. This is a society how we’ve known it because this code is collective and programs our collective behaviors but right now is deeply rooted in the personal “issues” because individually we have not evolved out of our island-“self” and a mental habit to understand ourselves to “solve” our “problems”. This is a loop that keeps people in the loop – trying to understand but understanding cannot come from the mind itself, simply because it resides outside of the domain of the mind.

This code cracks open with understanding – the deep realization that your mind can never truly understand anything. This realization doesn’t come from the mind either. The concept of Zen koan explains this process beautifully when you give your mind the paradox to solve and when it finally realizes that cannot do it with logic, the understanding dawns. And you will feel the difference. This is a quantum leap out of the mind – which is a feeling of deep knowing that floods your whole being with radiant warmth coming from your solar plexus area. This heating is coming from released light previously locked inside of your DNA. The intense genetic mutation within our solar plexus through its programming partner of 49 GK of Revolution creates a whirlwind (the name of the codon Ring 49GK belongs to) within our bodily chemistry and the world arena that will change the role of the 4 code.

First we will learn to understand each other.

Second, it will bring new people into society whose brilliant mind would not be tangled with their emotions and they will bring their urge to be at service to the society (genetically wired into this code) creating breakthrough efficient technologies. Efficiency is a hallmark of this code when as a collective we begin to see that we operate efficiently as one living organism where we connected to each other.

Third, it will bring an end the search for knowledge. Understanding coming from within changes the pattern of our life. It puts us on the journey of discovery and adventure – I know and I go to explore possibilities that my understanding “promises”. Rather than “I don’t know and I’m searching to find out” The new path is the path of trust rather than the old way of constant distrust.

Finally, here is a really interesting understanding…The 4 GK belongs to the codon Ring of Unity and on the highest frequencies it connects us to Christ consciousness. And this connection happens only when we take a leap beyond understanding. Understanding, a brilliant mind, and service to the society can be good virtues and indeed change the society but only for a short period – we know this – a communist idea was a good idea that got rotten by people’s personal agendas.

The highest expression of this code is Forgiveness and its programming partner 49 – Rebirth. Our old selves have to die and be reborn again on the different basis and the basis is EG. Number 4 and this code seems to be his number. When A &B get transcended through “&” – third element, the next stage is unity. Transcended frequencies allow to descend Christ into the world of forms and Forgiveness descends into the collective. True forgiveness is not a personal quality, it’s a universal force that is coming down to us if we awaken to Christ consciousness and release our humanness entirely. Forgiveness seeks a collective field to do its “work”. It’s a force that EG carries along to help him and us “erase the last page of the history”. This force that comes from the future into the past and works its way through an ancestral bloodline of humanity, dissolving genetic codes and erasing karma. (I must say that karma – is a collective phenomenon. Maybe next time about it). This process is accompanied by a great heating released within our DNA of trapped energy and charge. It’s a fire that burns our karmic debts. On the collective level it’s eventually releasing our ancestral debts and deep sense of guilt. Forgiveness is an answer to all our questions that “resolve” the world because it dissolves the world – past and present, black and white, yin and yang, it goes to all directions (the four-wing cross) and eventually change the fabric of our material world because the logical patterns of it will change. Individually when we become one with EG, we can hold nothing into. The only thing is left is TRUTH – you are one with Christ and the truth. As the low spectrum of consciousness is a mirror of the higher, Forgiveness has “intolerance” to the world of forms. This force is merciless because as soon as you attain Christ consciousness and takes your whole being with no return to your humanness, it erases it, anchoring your awareness into higher octave of emotional body through which we have an access to the field of universal love and experience unity as a single organism. And an ultimate “goal” of forgiveness, in fact, to bring an end to the world of forms. It might take many centuries on the collective level. But individually your cycle of human incarnations in a normal sense is no longer necessary.

One may ask a question, how I can know this. Those “understandings”, the higher states of being, they come as flashes what is possible and can be “explained”. They are given as a gift from “above” because in fact the state of “enlightenment” could not explain itself at all. Our language belongs to the world of form only, the eternal world has “the truth” – a pure thought. When the word comes it creates the division and the form is born. It probably explains the expression “First there was a word.” The word creates a separate reality. The eternity can exists only in the world of eternity. As soon as it begins to define something, the infinity disappears. All words reside in the finite. How can you explain what purity, timelessness, bounteousness, silence are? - These are words of codes in their highest expressions. When you explain silence, it’s not silence any more. Timelessness disappears with time, Purity stops become purity if an identity is laid on it. But you can feel these qualities. You can be these qualities. May it help you understand when Irina says “move to the reality of spirit”. It means you have to be in the reality of the internal, infinite. You cannot be just a bit of “human” and lots of “spirit” as you cannot be a bit of “purity”, a bit of “being”. “Humanity” makes your spirit disappear as an infinity disappears when the finite comes to an action. It doesn't mean it disappears at all. But it means, it makes it out of reach. And the only way to be spirit and infinite – to assume that you are infinite. We have to surrender to our “small self” or “higher self”. It doesn't matter if you feel already yourself abundant and eternal, one with EG or not. It doesn't matter how you feel yourself whether already there, in the realm of spirit or not. But an attitude of “doesn't matter” makes you accept yourself where you are. And this acceptance makes your state to be literally “no matter”. Magically the infinite, the spirit, becomes reachable and “appeared” because you have no identity. With no identity it comes upfront taking a legitimate place as it supposed to have as infinite. Because it you don’t assume then your “little” human, a bit of time, a bit of talk, a bit of “I’m that. And I’m not that” comes upfront and runs the show. You cannot do anything to become “purity”, timelessness, abundance, freedom but you can just be. You cannot do “purity”, ”timelessness”, “bounteousness” but you can do all sorts of things by being. Let your doing come from your being. That’s how we move to the reality of the Spirit – I exist. I am “being” instead of “I’m that, and I’m not that” -assuming the infinity and it will come stronger. Here is my piece of understanding to encourage yours.

And here a question to ponder: what is an essence of forgiveness?

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